Sunday June 13

Gospel of Mark 4:26-34

The kingdom of God is a mustard seed growing into the biggest shrub of all

Jesus said to the crowds: ‘This is what the kingdom of God is like. A man throws seed on the land. Night and day, while he sleeps, when he is awake, the seed is sprouting and growing; how, he does not know. Of its own accord the land produces first the shoot, then the ear, then the full grain in the ear. And when the crop is ready, he loses no time: he starts to reap because the harvest has come.’

He also said, ‘What can we say the kingdom of God is like? What parable can we find for it? It is like a mustard seed which at the time of its sowing in the soil is the smallest of all the seeds on earth; yet once it is sown it grows into the biggest shrub of them all and puts out big branches so that the birds of the air can shelter in its shade.’

Using many parables like these, he spoke the word to them, so far as they were capable of understanding it. He would not speak to them except in parables, but he explained everything to his disciples when they were alone.

I desire ecological conversion.

I want to be at one with creation.

I ponder how Jesus compares the ‘kingdom of God’ to a mustard seed. I use my imagination…

I imagine being a mustard see. Tiny, innocuous and so small I could be lost from the palm of a hand in an instant.

Somehow I perceive that I am full of potential but I rely on others all around me to know what this is, to experience all that I can be.

I imagine being tossed in the air and landing with a soft thud on the rich, moist earth below.

My feeling of potential grows in intensity.

I feel the moisture from the recent rains around me.

Something is stirring within me and cannot be contained. I feel that I am being constantly called forth. The desire and energy building is beyond me and cannot be contained in my protective coating any longer.

I split open. Release…relief…it has begun.

I am in the flow now. Green shoots extend forth, bending, finding, searching for the light above the soil. I make roots, finding, searching the water and nutrients around me. I listen deeply to the earth, to the light and find myself responding. 


Wonder, energy, growth and creative unfolding

More, magis

Breathing in carbon dioxide, breathing out oxygen.

I have choices, many stems, many ways.

Some ways become larger and stronger and are called branches.

I continue to breathe in carbon dioxide through my green leaves and breathe out oxygen in abundance. I am aware of the animals and birds breathing in as I breathe out. I feel connected, needed, full of purpose.

I develop friends. I come to know many birds. They choose to rest on my branches. Some come back regularly and sing their unique song. I feel privileged to be up close, to enable their relationships.

These days I have known generations of birdlife.

 I hold them in awe 

I hold all the balance of life in reverence.

Somehow after this contemplation, I understand more of the ‘kingdom of God’. I ponder my Creator of all things and give thanks.